Cameron Crowell


Graduate Research Assistant



Cameron Crowell
120 Hearthstone Dr. Apt A	
Blacksburg, VA 24060	
540 207 2704

Masters of Science, Materials Science and Engineering	    GPA: 3.55   Spring 2017
Bachelors of Science, Materials Science and Engineering  GPA: 2.27   Spring 2015

Relevant Experience
Engineering Intern, Orbital Outfitters	Hollywood, CA, summer 2014
•	Performed CAD creation of a new type of wrist ring design and oversaw 3D printing of its prototypes	
•	Managed the fabrication of a structural frame for a spaceplane mockup, currently hanging in Midland International Airport
•	Recruited, based on my materials expertise and experience, to help a team select materials and complete a contract proposal on time.
•	Contributed to the preparation of company proposals for three NASA SBIRs and a response to a Boeing RFP

MATLAB Classical Laminate Theory	Blacksburg, VA, Fall 2014
•	Wrote code to analyze the behavior of a plate created with layers of orthotropic composites with different orientations	
•	Developed an algorithm that started with the rule of mixtures, proceeded to calculation of ABD matrix and ended with stresses and strains in each layer

Applications of Aerogel Fabric for Insulating Layer in Pressure Suits	Blacksburg, VA, Spring 2014 - Spring 2015
•	Performed analysis and characterization of aerogel fabric insulating materials	
•	Designed a novel way of containing aerogel fabrics and preventing their degradation in pressure suits

Summer Research Associate, WayPaver Foundation	Blacksburg, VA, Summer 2016
•	Responsible for managing research entries in the Foundations's Lunar Settlement Index	
•	Planned, budgeted, acquired components for and executed A/V for the company’s first public announcement

Guitar Technician, Bridge Kaldro Music	Christiansburg, VA
•	Perform guitar and instrument repair and maintenance
•	Rapidly transitioned from being a temporary worker to a 5-year permanent employee	March 2011 - Present
Major Involvements	
Team lead for 2015, 2016, and  2017 Bladesmithing Competition, including creation of a meteorite sword
Undergraduate Research: Switchable Adhesive	
Editor-in-Chief: Journal for Undergraduate Materials Research	
Team Lead: International mug drop competition - First Place	
Manager: NewSpace Conference, 2011 – present	
Programming:	MATLAB, Arduino
Leadership/Volunteer:	SFF, VTSEDS, SEDS USA, MEPS, ISDC, Students on Capitol hill
Interests:	Running, music, travel, blacksmithing