Michael Fuerst


Chapter President



   Princeton University, Princeton, NJ     June 2018 	 	 	 	 	 	 	                                         
   Cumulative GPA: 3.1
   B.S.E Candidate; Concentration: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
   Certificate Candidate in: Robotics and Intelligent Systems
   Coursework includes: Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics, Linear Algebra, Solid Mechanics & Dynamics, and Material Science

   Stanford University Summer Courses, Palo Alto, CA     August 2012
   Coursework included Engineering Entrepreneurship and Programming Methodology as a high school junior.

Proficient with most digital tools, including Microsoft Office, CAD/CAM Software, Adobe Suite Products, ArcGIS, MATLAB, Mathematica,  Java, Python, and C.  Also proficient with physical tools, including with CNC Machining, 3-D Printing, and general shop fabrication.

   Mechanical Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Pasadena, CA     Summer 2016
   Intern – 357G Pressure Systems and Services 
   Designed, tested, and constructed test systems for future NASA missions for the Planetary Landing Testbed group in support of Entry, Descent, and Landing operations. Projects included modeling the entirety of the Mars Yard in SolidWorks in addition to designing and fabricating new testbeds such as an adjustable ramp testbed for LEMUR robot designs.

   Exhibit Designer at John G. Shedd Aquarium; Chicago, IL     Summer 2015
   Collaborated with industrial designers to provide a mechanical design perspective to the formulation of new animal habitats and guest interactives. Work included repairing and rebuilding a large model submarine interactive and designing a new Hydrosaurus habitat.

   Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge; Princeton, NJ     Spring 2015
   Structure and Mobility Lead
   Produced a one hundred page white-paper document proposing a rover to complete the XPRIZE Challenge. Worked in a team of about eight other students, each with their own subsystem assignment. Personally oversaw “Rover Stage Configuration and Mobility System” subgroup.

   Next Generation Innovators Challenge, Sponsored by HP, Intel, and Autodesk; Wheeling, IL     Spring 2013
   Silver Medalist
   Competed in a three-person team to virtually design, model, and stress test a prosthetic leg for cycling using Autodesk software. Worked with orthopedic surgeons and materials engineers to be lowest cost while maximizing durability, safety, and performance.

   Road America High Mileage Car Competition, Elkhart Lake, WI      Spring 2012
   Team Captain
   Designed and fabricated a functioning high-mileage car from scratch using CAD software, 3-D printing, welding, CNC machinery and other fabrication methods. The final product achieved a fuel economy of 400 mpg.

   Princeton Rocketry Club and SEDS; Princeton, NJ     Fall 2015 - Present
   Co-Founder, Chapter President and Operations and Outreach Officer
   Student organization which facilitates the designing, building, and flying of a large variety of projects including rockets, HABs, and drones in addition to leading efforts to promote public interest and education in space exploration. Personally oversees organization’s structure, projects, and external partnerships as Operations and Outreach Officer and leads a HAB project for the Global Space Balloon Challenge as a project leader.

   NJ Governor’s STEM Scholar; NJ     Fall 2015 – Spring 2016
   Group Leader
   Selected as one of the top students in STEM education in the state of New Jersey. Additionally, selected to mentor high school students in the program and lead a research project using machine learning to help police collect crime reports. 

   Division I Varsity Men’s Volleyball, Captain     Fall 2014-Present
   Student Athlete Wellness Leader, Team Representative     Winter 2014-Present