Huize Shi


Flight Software and Avionics Engineer



Huize (Jack) Shi
(858) 357-1443 |
3550 Lebon Dr. Unit 6228, San Diego, CA 92092

Students for the Exporlation and Development of Space at UC San Diego (SEDS:	
  Cube-Sat Embedded System Design (Triteia Avionics)	August 2016 – Present
•	Designed the Triteia Cubesat prototype hardware drivers and system structures
•	Collaborating in developing satellite OS based on NASA’s Core Flight Executive run-time environment
•	Assisted in developing the control system for the Reaction Wheel subsystem
•	Ranked top three for 2018 SLS deployment (alongside Cornell and MIT)

Bio Research Internship (Under Dr. William Duax), Hauptman Woodward Institute	Summer 2014
  S7 Sub Protein Research Group	
•	The objective of this lab was to identify an alternative Last Universal Common Ancestor (Challenging Archaea LUCA theories)
•	Pulled data from protein databases (UniProt, SwissProt/TREMBLE) and examined the compositions for significant patterns.
•	Collaboratively refined the S7 Protein “fingerprint” based on the observed patterns
•	Produced results supporting the thesis that archaea are similar to eukaryotic cells which exist only after endosymbiosis.

Competitive Triton Robotics – BattleBots	September 2015 – May 2016
  Mechanical Designer	
•	3D designed a 120lb battle bot which was certified by an MAE professor selected by the team lead

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC Team #4930 Electric Mayhem)	September 2014 – June 2015
  CAD Mechanical Designer, Control System Developer	
•	Design of a physical queue structure chosen for the 2015 Recycle Rush event
•	CAD’d drive train components, assisted in designing queueing structures, and participated in the building segment
•	Designed the RoboRio control system using FRC provided hardware drivers
•	The robot, Beaker, made it to the finals in St. Louis

  ECC Tech Wars
•	1st place in Balsa Bridge Load Bearing Contest (26 grams held 100lb)	•	3rd place in Robot Soccer
Science Olympia	
•	2nd place in Balsa Airplane	•	4th place in Mechanical Clock
•	7th place in Compound Scale	•	8th place in Balsa Bridge

Captain and 1st Board of the Nichols Competitive Chess Club
Leading the CAD/Programming sub-team of my FIRST Robotics Team
Organizer of several charity events donating clothes and books to the impoverished areas in Yun Nan Province, China

The One (Jia Feng Si Shu, Beijing China)	Summer 2015
  SAT/TOEFL Tutor	
•	Analyzed the public SAT reading passage bank to compile a categorized reading textbook to prepare students for the New SAT
•	Worked extensively with individual students to make sure of their progress (cheating prevention because surprisingly necessary)
•	Designed various templates to assist students in their reading and writing (algorithmic answers tend to help students with poor English).

University of California: San Diego	September 2015 – Present
Bachelors of Science, Computer Science Candidate, GPA 3.2	Expected Graduation June 2019

Related Coursework: Object Oriented Programming: Java | Data Structures Intro & Adv. C/C++ | Software Tools and Techniques | Discrete Math | Mathematics for Algorithms and Systems | Computer Organization and System Programming: C/SPARC Assembly | Design and Analysis of Algorithms | Software Engineering: Android Application Development | Linear Algebra | Multivariable Calculus 

Programming/Software: C/C++, Java, MATLAB, BASH, Inventor, Microsoft Office, LaTex, Git, CMake                     Others: Fluent in Mandarin | Experienced in organizing team meetings and discussing future plans | High standards for organization