Joseph E. Albright


Chapter Representative



Joseph E. Albright 345 Nehu Place Kihei Hawaii 96753 - - (808)-344-4335
University of Portland, Portland, OR
Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering (Graduation: May 2018)
Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering 
Minor in Mathematics, Physics Background
Multi-Device, Autonomous, Robotic Mining System, Freshmen Participant (University of Portland, August 2014 — Present)
Assisted Senior engineering students in designing and manufacturing, winch, articulating conveyor, articulating mining wheel, and rocker-bogie suspension systems.
Traveled to Kennedy Space Center to showcase design at NASA RMC 2015.
Currently working with new group of seniors to improve designs of winch and a-joint subsystems.
SAE Supermileage, SinglePerson Fuel Efficient Vehicle, (University of Portland, August 2015 — Present)
Building a team at the University of Portland capable of completing the project.
Writing grants, requesting funding and composing our ideas into a design report.
Intro to Engineering Design Project, Team Lead (University of Portland, 2014 — 15)
Built a small semiautonomous robot designed to retrieve an iPhone for a person incapable of standing.
Team won first place and was selected to present at Shiley School of Engineering’s open house for donors and perspective freshmen.
Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc., (Summer 2015 & 2016 Internship)
Detailed plans and created as-built drawings for plumbing, HVAC, and fire suppressant systems.
Composed and Submitted Operation and Maintenance manuals (O&M’s) for projects.
Composed and Submitted Submittals for ongoing projects.
Worked with working foreman on eight different job sites.
The Maui Cookie Lady, (Summer 2016 - Present)
Collected market data for a variety of products.
Organized and inputed data into database for the University of Hawaii Business Plan Competition.
Exploring Ethical Issues in Physics: The Intersection of Science Policy and Modern Optics, Undergraduate Research (Fall 2016 — Present)
Collaborated with Dr. Shannon Mayer to explore science policy with respect to modern optics.
University of Portland Robotics, Treasurer (Spring 2016 — Present)
Collaborated with peers to design and build small VEX robots and a semiautonomous chair robot.
Worked closely with peers to plan club activities and managed club funds.
University of Portland SEDS (UPSEDS), Chapter Representative (Spring 2016 - Present)
Created and organized a conference called “The Human Body in Space”.
Attended SpaceVision 2015 in Boston.
Baldwin High School Robotics, President (2013 — 14)
Raised over $32,000 in grants.
Organized team meetings and other events for fundraising, community involvement, and overall completion of projects. 
Organized and hosted first annual “Valley Isle Vex” robotics competition.
Designed driving systems for three FRC Robots and assisted with the manufacturing of several more.
Designed and manufactured three launching systems for basketballs, frisbees, and large nylon balls.
Worked with nematic systems on FRC and VEX projects.
Designed and built numerous VES robots typically with; driving, nematic, lifting, and game specialized subsystems.
Hawaii Regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition First Place (2012 — 13)
Hawaii Regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition First Place (2013 — 14) 
Several Regional awards related to VEX Robotics 
Science Olympiad 3rd place Boomilever event & 2nd place Bungie Drop event (2014)
Presidential Award for Academic Excellence Baldwin High School (2014)
University of Portland President’s Scholarship (2014 — Present)
Scholarship recipient of the Dundon Berchtold Fund for Moral Formation and Applied Ethics (2016)
Wailea Canoe Club, (Fall 2007 — 12)
Competed in Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling.
Baldwin High School MIL Paddling, (Spring 2010 — 14)
Competed in Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling as a high school sport.
Maui Humane Society, (Spring 2012 — 14)
Participated in Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling as a high school sport.