Thomas Manfredonia





 Thomas Manfredonia
28435 Tulare Lane, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Passionate robotics specialist with extensive hands on and practical experience from 10 years of robotics teams. Strong communication and leadership skills as demonstrated by the positions of University of Portland Robotics Team President, SEDS UP President, Eagle Scout and Wilderness Canoe Guide. Excellent time management skills and dedication exemplified by leading the M.A.R.S mechanical systems, founding two chapters of space related organizations while carrying a junior year workload. Special interest in space and robotics evidenced by my academic and personal experience.

University of Portland, Portland, OR 								          Expected May 2017
B.S., Mechanical Engineering; Minor: Computer Science   							           GPA: 3.85                                                                    

University of Portland M.A.R.S. 
Mechanical Systems Lead						  	       			       2015-Present
•	Designed, manufactured and built two symbiotic robots for the NASA Robotic Mining Competition                 
•	Led the effort to redesign and remanufacture inefficient and broken systems
•	Assigned tasks to the team of 10 MEs, coordinated integration and construction
•	300+ hours of manufacturing experience including: TIG welding, manual milling, CNC plasma cutting, blacksmithing, sandblasting and laying up carbon fiber

Tau Beta Pi Honors Society Member 									       2015-Present
•	Engineering Honors Society that recognizes the top members of each class
Physics Lab Assistant, University of Portland, OR								       2015-Present
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space UP, Portland, OR				    	
Founding President											       2015-Present
•	Gather members to the club by putting on events and hosting speakers
•	Apply to be recognized by student government and parent organization SEDS USA
•	Led effort to plan a trip to the organizations national conference
•	Wrote proposals to facilitate 10 people to attend
•	Facilitated networking in order to share ideas and promote cooperation
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics UP, Portland, OR						   	     
Founder 												       2015-Present
•	Led effort to recruit students and establish the program at the university to further opportunities for students
University of Portland Robotics Team, Portland, OR
President												           2014-2015
•	Define the purpose of the team and establish a path to an award winning project
•	Assist in the design of two autonomous robots for the NASA Mining Competition
•	Plan and lead meetings in order to achieve goals set down by the leadership
•	Supervise the instruction of the 50 members

Programming Languages 
•	Matlab, Java, C, RSLogix, LabVIEW, EES
CAD Programs
•	SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, MasterCAM (X6,X8)

Wilderness Canoe Guide, Northern Tier, Ely, MN							   	      Summer 2015
Camp Staff, Camp Whitsett, Kernville, CA     					                   Summer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014
Eagle Scout, Troop 745, Westlake Village, CA  	 						     	   December 2008