Brandon Medina





o	Obtain a mechanical engineering internship in test, controls, or systems engineering.  

o	B.S.: Mechanical Engineering; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
o	Expected graduation date: May 2017
o	GPA: 3.36/4.00

o	Virginia Tech Astrobotics Team (Jan 2014-Present)
Objective: Compete on a multidisciplinary team designing and building an autonomous mining robot for NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition.
  - OpenCV HUD for video feed
  - Auger Testing Rig
  - Modular controls box
  - Obstacle avoidance system
  - IR beacon localization system 
  - Carbon Fiber regolith collection bucket	
  - Lead team from 82nd to 48th percentile in overall placing
  - Lead team from 36th to 14th place in mining 
  - Chief of recruiting
  - Orchestrate team meetings 
  - Analyze team solutions for feasibility
  - Uphold EHS health and safety standards in project bay
  - Maintain and calibrated team 3D Printer
  - Coordinate marketing and outreach efforts
  - Manage Team Gantt Chart
o	T.E.K. (Teaching Electronics and Kinematics) Robotics (Jan 2013-Present)
Objective: Design and build a robot using the VEX robotics platform to complete a physical challenge.
Additive Manufacturing Grand Challenge:  Designed a pan-tilt mechanism for a 3D printed robotic vehicle to compete in an obstacle course at with the T.E.K Officers.
SEC (Student Engineers Council) Representative:
  - Charter Member
  - Obtained over $4000 in funds for the organization
  - Organized the team’s events at SEC outreach events
  - 100% attendance at SEC meetings for 2 years

o	Mechatronics Lab (March 2015-Present)
  -  ME Department Inventory Project: Developing a department-wide inventory system to track purchases and inventory in project management software. 
  -  NSF Innovation Corps: Generated a business model with a group of students for an HDR camera system as part of a National Science Foundation initiative. 
  -  NASA Space Robotics Challenge Proposal: Wrote a proposal with other students and faculty for a grant and a NASA R5 (Valkyrie) humanoid robot for testing and validation purposes.

o	Space Frontier Foundation (March 2015-Present)
-NewSpace News Editor: Collaborate with other volunteers across the country, writing and editing articles for a monthly newsletter that summarizes the events in the private space industry for.
-March Storm: Advised congressional offices in D.C. on policy and current legislation relating to the space industry with a team of students and industry professionals. 

o	Design Software: SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, LTSpice, FEA
o	Programming: LabVIEW – CLAD Certified, MATLAB, Simulink, Mathematica, C++ - OpenCV, Java, Energia 
o	Manufacturing: Ware Lab Machine Shop certified, 3D printing, soldering
o	Systems Engineering: Gantt Chart, Systems Analysis, Systems Architecture, FMEA, Resource Allocation
o	Foreign Languages: Conversational Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish, beginner German
o	Business: Business Modeling, Market Research, Fund Raising