Ryan Biggs


Undergraduate Student




Campus Address: 507 S. Fourth St. 304  ?  Champaign, IL 61820  ?  (815) 603-1470  ?
Permanent Address: 14905 Bunratty Dr.  ?  Lockport, IL 60441
Objective        Seeking a summer internship in the research and development department of a major aerospace engineering firm
Education        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
           B.S., Aerospace Engineering, May 2017                                                                                          GPA: 3.82/4.00
          Hoeft Technology and Management Minor, May 2017

Experience        Bill McQuillan  ?  Entrepreneur and President at Glenarm Consulting Group, Inc.  ?  Member of the Lockport 
      Rotary Club  ?  (815) 600-1799  ?  Lockport, IL
            Secretary (Excel Computer Work), House-sitter, Childcare and Animal Care Provider  ?  January 2012 to 
           November 2012
* Assisted Mr. McQuillan in his business promotions for Glenarm 
* Watched and cared for Mr. McQuillan’s son, animals, and house during his and his wife’s absence
Leadership and Activities
* Illinois Space Society at University of Illinois
             Habitat Sub-Team Lead for NASA RASC-AL innovative design competition                        2014-2015
I led a team of about 20 students in developing a Mars’ mission 
architecture for establishing a permanent and self-sufficient human
settlement on Mars by 2054. I then presented our research at the 
June 2015 RASC-AL conference in Cocoa Beach, Florida. 
	   NASA Student Launch Competition, Rocket/Structures Team, Active Member                   2015-Present
* Private Pilot Flight and Ground Training, Student Pilot				            2015-Present
* University of Illinois Disc Golf Club, Active Member                                                                2013-Present
* University of Illinois Recreational Volleyball Club, Active Member                                        2013-Present
* Chicago Cares Organization, Volunteer                                                                                        2005 - 2014

* Dean’s List                                                                                                                                         2013-Present
   Engineering Scholarship Endow                                                                                                                  2014
       For academic excellence in University of Illinois’ College of Engineering 
* James Scholar Honors Engineering Program at University of Illinois, Active Member           2013-Present
       I gave an hour long presentation regarding space shuttle re-entry and the 
       shuttles’ Thermal Protection Systems to my Materials Science and Engineering 
       class. I also developed and presented a mathematical model for Naval aircraft 
       assisted (catapult) takeoffs (Theoretical and Applied Mechanics class).  
* Tao Beta Pi, Active Member, Illinois Alpha Chapter at University of Illinois   2015-Present
       National Engineering Honor Society requiring me to be 
       within the top 1/8th of my engineering class