Morgan Matheny


Senior in Undergraduate Engineering Physics



Morgan M. Matheny
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Objective: To obtain a full time position as an engineer or physicist in the aerospace industry
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics May 2016

Project Experience: Whistler Wave Propagation and Behavior in Van Allen
Radiation Belts – Actively researching the behavior and Aug 2015-Present
propagation of low frequency whistler waves in the Van Allen radiation belts
surrounding Earth. This is done in an effort to better understand how to guide low
frequency waves through low, high, and gradient plasma fields.

SunTracker-5000 Final Project for Microcomputers & Electronic Instrumentation Course – Designed and built a 
photosensitive system that rotates to follow a light source. Displayed our results in a
formal paper and presentation to the class. Instructor ranked our project the best
amongst the class

Work Experience 
IT Student Technician Aug 2014 - Present
 Provide technology support to both staff and faculty
 Troubleshoot and solve software and hardware related issues involving
advanced scientific software such as CATIA, Matlab, ANSYS, etc.
 operate under high stress situations with strict deadlines in a
professional, technical environment

School Tutor/TA, Turie T. Small Elementary Aug 2014 – Present
 Work with struggling students to help them learn math and science
 Assist teachers in maintaining a stable and helpful learning environment

Grader/Lab Assistant, Physical Sciences Department Aug 2015 – Present
 Work in the Physical Sciences department as both a grader to professors and
as an assistant in the labs
 Maintain inventory of laboratory equipment and ensure it is in working order

Software Skills : Matlab, C programming, CATIA, Fortran, CODE V, LabView, AGI STK 10,
NASA orbit viewer, Atmel Studio, Data Studio, MS Office