Justin Conner





Justin P. Conner
277 Doe Run Blvd. 	865-441-1360
Clinton, TN

Seeking an internship or co-op in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for summer and fall 2016.

	Tennessee Technological University	Cookeville, TN
	Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering
	Graduation May 2017

	Pellissippi State Community College	Knoxville, TN
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Engineering Technology with concentration in Mechanical
	May 2013

	Related Course
	Dynamics, Materials and Manufacturing, Shop Practice, Machine Design, Physics II, 
ME Analysis, Differential Equations, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics II, Design and Professionalism
         Wendy’s	Employment: 2010- 2013	Clinton, TN
            Fast food restaurant
            Benefits:  Building multitasking, communication and teamwork skills

         Accurate Machining and Design, Inc.	Employment: 2013-2015	Oak Ridge, TN
            Prototyping machine shop – a sophisticated machine shop that solves all customer problems in house. Customers vary from regulars (Y-12 National Security Complex) to a small onetime walk-in.
            Benefits:  Boosting creativity, influenced a strong work ethic, hands-on work experience

	Minor mechanical fixes to cars/motorcycles (radiator replacement, oil change, etc.)
	TTU Motorsports 2013-Present
		A 20 person team working year-round to build a small scale formula car from the ground up to compete in an international competition every year.
		Position: Head of Design— overseeing a six man team to meet deadlines and regulations
	TTU SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) 2015-Present
		Informative meetings about space and competing in yearly SEDS competitions
		Position: Project Manager— establishing and managing projects (space balloon challenge & rocket program), and promoting information sharing.
Computer Skills
	SolidWorks 2015, MATLAB, LT Spice