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{\bf University of Kentucky} \hfill {\em Expected Graduation: May 2016} \\ 
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Honors, Minor in Physics\\
Overall GPA: 3.93/4 \smallskip \\
\underline{Honors and Awards:} \\
Otis A. Singletary Scholar - highly competitive full support scholarship awarded at UK.\smallskip \\ 
Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society, Kentucky Alpha Chapter. \smallskip \\
Nominee for UK College of Engineering Outstanding Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Awards. \smallskip \\
\underline{Relevant Coursework:} \\ 
Thermodynamics, Experimentation, Heat Transfer, Spacecraft Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics, Systems Engineering, Dynamics, Mechanical Design w/ FEM, Circuits, Optics and Relativity, Controls



\begin{rSubsection}{NASA Kentucky}{September 2014 - Present}{High Altitude Balloon and UAV Lab Research Assistant}{Lexington, KY} 
\item Instrumentation specialist; outfitting octocopter for turbulence data aquisition and autonomous flight. 
\item Traveled to BalloonSat Workshop at NASA Marshall. Designed and flew camera and data aquisition payload on balloon flights. Led a successful balloon launch, chase, and recovery in May 2015. 
\item Infrastructure design for NASA Kentucky to host HAB groups for the 2017 total solar eclipse. Utilized wind predictive analyses, determined various mission architectures, created operational views.


\begin{rSubsection}{NASA Ames Research Center}{June - August 2014}{Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Intern}{Moffett Field, CA} 
\item Developed concepts for a new mounting system to facilitate interference testing of LCTR model.
\item Helped to plan and execute a test for pressure differentials in the 7x10 ft tunnel.
\item Oversaw the documentation and installation of the upper turntable of the 7x10 ft tunnel.

\begin{rSubsection}{College of Engineering Research}{January 2015 - Present}{Analyzing TPS Spallation and Material Recession}{Lexington, KY}
\item Analyzed photographs of carbon samples subjected to an arc jet flow (NASA HYMETS) to determine the behaviors of ejecta from the surface. 
\item Performing 3D scans and X-Rays of charred samples for comparison with later numerical analysis to determine validity of material response module.


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\begin{rSubsection}{Students for the Exploration and Development of Space}{August 2015 - Present}{President - UK Chapter}{Lexington, KY}
\item Cofounded SEDS UK Chapter, dedicated to bringing together space enthusiasts for discussion and as a starting point for space related competitions and projects. 
\item Organization and oversight of meetings and events.



\begin{rSubsection}{University of Kentucky: College of Engineering}{August 2014 - Present}{Student Ambassador}{Lexington, KY}
\item Participation in events to represent both the College of Engineering and the University of Kentucky.



\begin{rSection}{Technical Strengths and Interests}

\begin{tabular}{ @{} >{\bfseries}l @{\hspace{6ex}} l }
Computer Languages & Matlab, Arduino, Linux CMD, C++ (Beginner) \\
Programs & Microsoft Office, Creo Parametric 2, XFoil, Realterm \\
Hands-On & Laser cutter, 3-D printer, table saw, band saw, drill press\\
Interests & \bf{Propulsion, Hypersonics, Plasmas, Atmospheric Re-entry}

\begin{rSubsection}{\underline{Conference Papers}}{}{}{}

\underline{A. Martin}, S.C.C. Bailey, F. Panerai, R.S.C. Davuluri, A.R. Vazsonyi, H. Zhang, Z.S. Lippay, N.N. Mansour, J. Inman, B. Bathel, S. Splinter, and P. Danehy. (March 2015). \textit{Preliminary	numerical	and experimental analysis of the spallation	phenomenon}. 8th European Symposium	on	Aerothermodynamics for Space Vehicles, March 2-6 2015, Lisbon, Portugual.