Benjamin Merrel


Student at Purdue University



Benjamin A. Merrel

Mobile: 434-249-1880


Aerospace Engineering student seeking an opportunity to work with an engineering team to develop next generation aerodynamics or propulsion systems for aerospace vehicles


Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN			                                                    	            May 2017
Honors College and College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
GPA: 3.26

Technical Skills:  MATLAB, Python, LaTeX, Excel, Cantera (minimal)

Relevant Experience

Sage Physics and Engineering – Charlottesville, VA              				                 Jul - Aug 2012
        Intern, Assistant Analyst
* Constructed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations using AVL FIRE
* Generated meshes using AVL FIRE to study efficiency in diesel exhaust systems
* Analyzed simulation data from AVL FIRE to iterate simulation design

Design & Research Projects

IEEE Rockets: Design, Build, Test Small Orbital Launch System 	                                  Aug 2015 – Present
* Two-year student effort to design, build, and test a launch vehicle using a novel
balloon launch platform

Academic Research in Plasma Modeling – Purdue University                                                  Jun 2015 – Present
* Attempt to reproduce computational model for electric field-flame interaction
* Developed a simulation profile, Poisson solver; working on Navier-Stokes

Design of Reusable Orbital Transfer Vehicle – AIAA Sponsored, 2nd Place Nationally         Aug 2014 – Jun 2015
* Competition to design a LEO-Lagrange orbital transfer vehicle
* Lead team organization and early phases of mission integration
* Developed Power and Thermal Regulation Systems

International Robotic Sailing Regatta – Hosted by Olin College, 1st Place Awarded                       Jan – Jun 2013
* Competition to design and build an autonomous sailboat for use in ocean harbor

Mission Architecture for a Human Mission to Mars – NASA Langley Research Center                 Mar – Jul 2012
* Collaborated with 40 high school students and mentors from the Langley Research 
center to develop a mission architecture for a manned Mars expedition
Leadership and Outreach
IEEE Rockets     						           	                                  Aug 2015 – Present  
* Vehicle Design Lead
SEDS - SpaceVision 2016  – Students for the Exploration and Development of Space             Aug 2015 – Present  
* National Bid and Executive Planning Committee
Purdue Varsity Glee Club – Purdue University                                                                  	     Aug 2013 – Aug 2015
* Group of 60 men that serve as the musical and goodwill ambassadors for Purdue University with a schedule of 40+ shows annually
Purdue Space Day - Photographer							        Aug 2014 – Present
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) 				        Aug 2014 – Present