Sumeet Batra






Seeking Summer 2016 internship in order to apply my acquired programming skills, leadership skills, industry training, and education to contribute to company initiatives.
Pursuing BS in Computer Science	(freshman)							Graduation: May 2019
University of Colorado Boulder 
•	Graduated with Honors, Denver School of Science and Technology
•	Attended Stanford High School Summer Institute, Summer 2014 for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
•	Awarded AP Scholar with Honor and AP Scholar with Distinction for excellent performance on multiple AP exams   
•	ACT Score: 34/36, SAT II Math Level 2: 790/800, SAT II Chemistry: 800/800
•	Technical Skills: Java and Python experience		Basic understanding of electronics and circuits 
Participated in the Denver School of Science and Technology’s Entrepreneurship competition	Jan. – March., 2014
•	Placed among the top 3 teams for best company and product idea
•	Created an idea to remotely use and control graphics-intensive programs on a client PC on a different network without the need for a modern, dedicated graphics card on the client
•	Worked with CIO’s to generate ideas and solidify key concepts for my technology product for the competition 
Interned at Convercent, a compliance management company, Denver, CO				September – Dec. 2013
•	Conducted market research about potential customers in new and existing verticals, which was utilized for market expansion
•	Created useful prototypes for mobile app interfaces and gained a greater understanding of the importance of how people interact with technology 
•	Gained a greater understanding of how companies are structured and produce products, including differences between agile and waterfall development.
Volunteer, KidsTek Mentorship Program for Underprivileged Students, Aurora, CO			Nov-Dec. 2011, 2012
•	Assisted Sr. Mentors with implementing technology projects with students.
•	Assisted students in the use of computer software and conducting research
Actively participated in Denver and Boulder New Tech Meetups, and attended Tech Stars and Silicon Flatiron Events
•	Interacted with prominent C-level executives who provided understanding of real time business / IT challenges and approaches adopted by them to solve issues. E.g., networked with, and received mentorship from Dell’s Chief Strategy Officer (M&A).
Provided mentorship and tutoring for struggling students in both Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus AB
•	Provided 1-on-1 tutoring with an individual struggling in Pre-Calculus 
•	Assisted with problem sets and test corrections for multiple students in Calculus 
Junior Achievement Business Week Entrepreneurship Program: 1st place in 2013, Highest Shareholder Value in 2014
Attended CIO 100 Conference Award Ceremony and Networking sessions, 2013

•	Published an article about the possibility of colonizing Mars by 2025, including the technologies required to accomplish such a feat, and the potential obstacles 
•	Published an article on the psychological impact of video games on children and their developing minds 
•	Wrote a research paper on the impact of the digital revolution on modern technology, as well as understanding the impact of current technologies such as augmented reality, IoT, and quantum computing 
•	Wrote a paper on the impact of IoT on society today, and how it will grow in the future