MechE MS Student



P.O. Box 1294 Spearfish, SD 57783  
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering                      GPA: 3.9; MAJOR GPA: 4.0                                   January 2014 
RELEVANT EXPERIENCE           									
Space Exploration Technologies  		Hawthorne, CA 				May 2014-Current  
Mechanical Design Engineer – Non Destructive Examination 
•	Conceptualized, designed, and manufactured an automated Phased-Array Ultrasonic (PAUT) Friction-Stir Weld Inspection System that reduced associated inspection times by 66%  
•	Coded MatLab program that took data collected on the production floor as input and used this information to create informative and meaningful graphical outputs; the likes of which aided in high-level probability of detection studies as a means of qualifying new & cutting-edge NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) technologies 
•	Design and validation of numerous custom systems and tools for the purpose of improving the quality, efficiency, and repeatability of the NDE performed on some of the most advanced spacecraft technology in the world 

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology			
Undergraduate Research Assistant – Large Underground Xenon (LUX)-Zeplin Experiment (Generation-2 Dark Matter Experiment)
•	Designed a cryogenically-cooled vacuum chamber and gas feed system for the world’s most sensitive detector of radioactive contamination on surfaces  
•	Performed fluid and thermo-mechanical analyses to inform my design; communicated my conclusions to a multi-disciplinary team of professors and student researchers 
•	Vetted and incorporated off-the-shelf products to be combined with my own, custom mechanical components 
•	Established documentation, plans, and procedures for operating the resulting system  and interpreting results 
SDSMT “Moonrocker” Robotics Team – Design Lead 
•	Led team of 12+ interdisciplinary STEM students in the design of a fully-autonomous and/or remote controlled mining robot for application on the Moon, Mars, or an asteroid 
•	Implemented my own “Test Early, Test Often” methodology to drive reliable and rapid system iteration 
•	Performed flexural, fatigue, static, thermodynamic, control, manufacturability,  and cost benefit analyses to – in combination with test results – inform design direction               	                          
Undergraduate Research Assistant – SDSMT Advanced Material Processing (AMP) Laboratory 
•	Performed R&D on the next generation of Cold Spray technology 
•	Part of technical team that analyzed and designed the new iteration of a metal powder deposition system  to achieve optimal thermal and flow characteristics for substrate adhesion 
•	Designed custom, additively-manufactured pneumatic fitting to withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with energizing metals to the plastic state required for reliable deposition

Burns & McDonnell Consulting Firm 		Kansas City, MO 				Summer 2013  
Pressure Vessel Design Intern 
•	Aided in the design and analysis of refinery pressure vessels per ASME Section VIII 
•	Created engineering drawings which documented and specified design criteria, nondestructive examination and inspection acceptance standards, as well as field testing procedures   
•	Traveled to on-site construction locations to help ensure quality of installation processes 
•	Performed analysis of piping custom piping systems using 1st principle fluid-mechanics 
•	Designed Visual Basics-driven spreadsheet program to automate certain thermal-mechanical analysis processes and yield important outputs that informed downstream equipment selection

CAD:                       SolidWorks; NX – Modeling, Sheet Metal, Drawings, Advanced Sim., Surfacing; Parametric Modeling,               	                  Direct Modeling, Expressions, PMI, Drawings, Large & Complex Assemblies, GD&T , FEMAP, MathCAD  
Fab: 		   Experience with all general cutting tools, lathes, sheet metal bending, 3D printing, castings, etc.  
Programming:      MatLab, C++, Arduino, C, Visual Basic  
Leadership:           Chapter Councilor: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) 
Volunteer:             ASME & SEDS campus recruiting activities, SDSMT Mines Buddies  
Awards/Honors:  South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Dean’s List (All Semesters), Tau Beta Engineering Honor 			    Society, Order of the Engineer, NASA Space Grant Consortium Stipend Recipient, “Outstanding 		 	    Student Organization Member,” Graduated Magna Cum Laude 
Interests: 	    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Particle Physics, History of Early Spaceflight, Hunting, Cooking, Standup Comedy