Gibson Bennett


UNC Chapel Hill Sophomore



Gibson Bennett
533 Ellynn Dr, Cary, NC 27511     •     •     (919) 454-3594

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill			     		       May 2017
Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science, Astronomy Minor	      		
GPA: 3.73
Coursework: Foundation of Programming (Java), Computer Organization, Introductory Physics
	Physics Research Lab, UNC Chapel Hill	      June 2015-Present
	Research Assistant
•	Collaborated with a graduate student under professor Fabian Heitsch to write code to interface deposition of radiative energy of a star into the surrounding gas.
•	Interfaced the open source project HEALPix with a Cartesian grid for radiative transfer.
Physics Lab, UNC Chapel Hill                                                                   Jan 2015 – May 2015
Teaching Assistant           
•	Communicated complex physics concepts to students in the lab to better their understanding on topics in introductory physics, in addition to teaching them good laboratory procedures and practices.
HOA-USA, Morrisville, NC	                May 2015-Aug 2015
•	Scrubbed and verified data in Microsoft Excel and placed the data into a database and company website.
Simple Math Game	                   Sept 2014 
•	Collaborated on developing a simple math game with a team of four students as an idea to encourage interest in math. 
•	Used Java to set up the game board and to randomly display numbers and operations on the game board.
Oregon Trail-Based Class Project	           Dec 2014
•	Created algorithms for a game based on Oregon Trail, including keeping track of character statistics of their journey and individual “bags”, including expiration dates of food and differentiating items sold in towns.

UNC Students for the Exploration and Development of Space                      Aug 2014-Present
•	Council of Chapters Representative 					      May 2015-Present
UNC Society of Physics Students				                               Aug 2014-Present

Programming: Proficient in Java and C, working knowledge of Python, Matlab, Mathematica, and LaTeX
Operating Systems: Well-versed in Windows and Linux