Ceili Burdhimo


Senior at MIT



Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                                                                        Cambridge, MA                                                                                                     
	B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, GPA: 4.7/5.0                                                                                                                June 2016
	Relevant Coursework: Human Systems Engineering, Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering, Aerospace Propulsion, Communication Systems and Networks

Work and Research Experience:	
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) 	Hawthorne, CA
Crew Operations Intern, Mission and Launch Operations	June-August 2015
	Implemented a system for managing draft crew procedures, created a style guide to ensure consistency in procedures, and worked with component engineers to author procedures and capture our list of all procedures
	Analyzed emergency and nominal scenarios to develop the concept of operations 
	Compiled and organized a crew mission timeline, supported crew in the loop testing 
Production Intern, Spacecraft Assembly	June-August 2014
	Implemented new equipment and processes to improve cleanliness levels of a component after completing investigations and analysis; provided necessary setup, training, and documentation
	Designed a floor layout in Google SketchUp for a new production facility containing several manufacturing lines; managed facilities and cost information to present to the directors and architects
	Established a method to easily and reliably track and monitor individual parts through the production line
Production Intern, Spacecraft Assembly 	June-August 2013
	Developed plans and layout designs for a new, more efficient production line after analyzing current processes, defining capital equipment requirements, and interfacing with vendors
	Supported Dragon capsule production and integration by improving processes and designing storage solutions
Undergraduate Research Opportunity for the Man Vehicle Lab at MIT			      Cambridge, MA
Demonstrating Capabilities of Electromyography (EMG) for Aerospace and Medical Applications   	Fall 2013-Fall 2014  
	Designed a study to obtain and analyze EMG signals and kinematic data from grasping tasks to develop algorithms to better control assistive or augmentative exoskeletons or other robotic devices using OpenSim and MATLAB
	Created a Simulink pipeline to process EMG signals and control a servo motor in real time using muscle movements

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center	     Greenbelt, MD
Engineering Testing Unit Development Intern, Neutron star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER)	June-August 2012
	Developed a mock-up attitude control system and tracking program plus associated documentation
	Assembled and tested x-ray concentrators, created an optic holder, and designed an optic alignment mechanism
Proposal Team Intern, Cloud Aerosol Interaction Mission in 3D with NASA INSPIRE Program	June-August 2011
	Compiled flight history data, created tables, wrote descriptions, designed graphical Fold Outs/Mission Fact Sheets

Leadership and Activities:
Vice President of Outreach (2015), MIT Society of Women Engineers  				                        2012-Current
	Manage and support 12 K-12 outreach programs and their co-chairs, promote and run new programs, facilitate interaction between MIT and SWE Outreach, volunteer for several events locally and nationally
	Keys to Empowering Youth Outreach Program Co-Chair (2012-2014)

President (2014-current), MIT American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics		                        2013-Current
	Plan and run informational and social events for the AeroAstro Department and manage the club’s funding 
	Act as student representative between faculty and undergraduates; attend monthly faculty meetings

Outreach Chair, MIT Women in Aerospace Engineering			    		             	      	               2014-2015
	Founding member for a new club supporting undergraduate women in the department; ran a mentorship program

Others: MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (2014-2015), MIT Global Teaching Lab – Italy (2015), NOVA/NCIIA IdeaLab Workshop (January 2014), Dorm Government (2014-2015), MIT Institute Committee (2015)

Honors and Awards:
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Recipient and Member (2015), MIT AeroAstro Vickie Kerrebrock Award (2015),     National Space Club Keynote Scholarship Finalist (2014), MIT Society of Women Engineers Scholarship (2014, 2015)

Skills and Interests:
Computer: MATLAB, Google SketchUp, JAVA, Python	 		            Interests: Space Exploration, Human Factors