Cameron Crowell


Master's Student



Cameron Anderson Crowell

Current Address:	540-207-2704 (cell)
     137 Lucas Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Objective	To obtain a materials engineering job in the space industry

BS in Materials Science and Engineering, Virginia Tech 2015

Engineering Intern, Orbital Outfitters, Summer 2014, Los Angeles, California
•	Tensile characterization of fabric materials
•	3D modeling and overseeing 3D printing of new design 
•	Helped design structural frame for spacecraft mockup
•	Collaborated with Orbital Team on various projects
•	Was brought in last minute on a proposal to complete it on time

Proposal Consultant, Orbital Outfitters, Fall 2013
•	Helped structure proposal for Boeing
•	Worked on three NASA SBIR’s

Guitar Tech, Sales Specialist, Bridge Kaldro Music, Christiansburg, VA, March 2011 to Present
•	Electric guitar repair and maintenance
•	Sell instruments, books and accessories
•	Taught cello and violin
•	Was hired for temporary work, then asked to be permanent employee

NewSpace Conference, 2011 - 2014 Exhibits Manager, Silicon Valley, Space Frontier Foundation
•	Solicit Exhibitors and follow-up
•	Main point of contact for conference exhibits
•	Plan logistics, setup and layout for exhibit tables

Astronomy Learning Assistant, Virginia Tech, Fall 2010 to present   
•	Prepare and teach 50 minute recitation by myself, two times a week
•	Grade assignments and exams, Proctor Exams
Major Projects:
•	Senior Design: Applications of Aerogel Fabric for Insulating Layer in Pressure Suits
•	Undergraduate research – Switchable Glue; Advisor: Dr. Johan Foster, 
•	Design of two companies - CGD Rocket and Healz
•	Design of wing spar for passenger jet; awarded best in class
•	Team Lead for Mug Drop for MS&T 2014; managed two first place teams for national contest
•	Team Lead for TMS 2015 Bladesmithing Competition
•	Aerodynamic Analysis of DARPA2 Submarine Sail
•	Journal for Undergraduate Materials Research (JUMR): Helped restart a technical journal

MATLAB, Mathematica, Excel, Arduino, Microsoft Office 

Relevant Coursework	Mechanics of Composite Materials,  Design of Experiments, Material Strength Analysis Lab, Metallurgy, Aerodynamics, Dynamics, System Dynamics, Thinwalled Structures, Computational Methods, Polymers Characterization, Optimization
Honors and Clubs	Eagle Scout,  SFF Advocate , SEDS President (Fall 2010), JUMR Public Relations (Current), MEPS Professional Coordinator (Current)
Hobbies	Astropreneur, SEDS, SFF, Running, piano, guitar, cello