Jocelino Rodrigues


Master of Aerospace Engineering



Portuguese national
105 Rua Augusto Fuschini, 4460-484, Senhora da Hora, Portugal
+351 934 64 65 80 •


Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA)							           GPA: 3.85 / 4.00
Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Study Abroad, 2014-2015

University of Bristol (Bristol, UK               1st class Honours: 80%, 4th in cohort
MEng Hons Aerospace Engineering with Study Abroad, 2012-2016 (expected)


Maurice Zucrow Labs, Purdue Univ. Research Assistant (West Lafayette, IN)         March 2015 – Aug 2015

­	- Aided a PhD student set up the DVRC-2 (Discretely Variable Resonant Combustor) test article and run 35+ combustion instability tests for the U.S. Air Force with variable section pressures, flow rates, chamber lengths and ox-post lengths
­	- Developed a 2D finite volume MATLAB code to analyze data obtained from two embedded thermocouples:
•	Calculates heat flux and temperature at inner chamber wall
•	Computes change in 1L mode frequency as a function of time inside the combustion chamber
­	- Technical work developed:
•	Assembled, maintained and tested the following experimental setup: DVRC-2 - nom. 600psi
•	Rocket facility build up: feed lines, valve assembly and fittings

Rolls-Royce, Engineering & Technology internship (Derby, UK)			  June 2014 – Aug 2015

­	- Actively supported and coordinated with Test Engineers to deliver the ‘Combustion Rig Assembly Transfer’ project
­	- Developed management skills and deep understanding of breakdown structures, scheduling, milestones risks and cost estimates
­	- Gained hands-on experience with maintaining a high-powered aerospace test facility through working closely with Engineering Rig Test Services (ERTS) & Operations and performing rig tests

Airbus / Quest Global, Structural Analysis & Design internship (Filton, UK)		  June 2013 – Aug 2014

­	- Meticulously examined a technical Structural Repair Manual for the Airbus A321-200 and all its variants by performing numerical calculations and obtaining acceptable safety factors
­	- Designed a concept bracket currently used in the Airbus A320 w/ Sharklet through working with a team of engineers during the Design Phase for the ‘Aileron Access Panel, FAL Bracket Feasibility’ project


•	Vice-President for UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS)
•	Member of Sigma Gamma Tau, American honor society in Aerospace Engineering
•	Team leader for Mechanisms group in the 2nd year Wing Design project at the University of Bristol
•	Varsity soccer player for University of Bristol Football Club (2013/14 University Cup & League Champion)


•	Research project: Modelling and optimization of aerospike rocket nozzles using CFD (ongoing)
•	Zero-G Large Space Capillary Experiment: designed mechanical valve actuation & procured hardware solution
•	High Altitude Balloon project (SEDS): structural design of payload, integration of electronics & thermal control
•	Senior Design Project: power & thermal control engineer for cycler vehicle (“Mission to Mars” w/ Dr. Buzz Aldrin)
•	Propulsion: Rocket Propulsion, Jet Propulsion, Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer
•	Aerodynamics: Fluids, Aerodynamics I and II, Introduction to CFD
•	Skills: Matlab, MS Office, ANSYS-FLUENT, Autodesk Inventor, STK10 w/ Astrogator, NI Lab View
•	Languages: Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French


•	2014 Sir Arthur Clarke Award (Space Achievement: Student Category) finalist
•	Bristol Plus Award