Julia Levy


Systems Engineer



Work Experience
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Systems Integration and Test Engineer: SCI Clearance Pending, Mar 2015-Present
•Supported mechanical design, manufacturing, and systems verification of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Mid Infrared Instrument (MIRI) cryocooler assembly.
•Led hardware inspection to determine which S/N to use on flight model and flight spare; designed inspection plan and hardware, coordinated with technicians, performed analysis, and presented results to management and the customer.
•Coordinated qualification effort for tools and flight hardware; worked with customer to deliver hardware, QA data, and requirements package for next-stage assembly and test.
•Created requirements documents (VCRM, IRCD, etc.) and developed a log of verification artifacts.
•Coordinated between team members to promote drawing release and maintained a drawing status database.
Virgin Galactic/The Spaceship Company, Hybrid Propulsion Intern, May-Aug 2014 
• Conducted post-test hybrid motor analysis, including fuel regression and burn rate characterization. 
• Documented motor build process by creating build books and writing assembly, test, and analysis procedures. 
• Supported entire motor build; participated in carbon layups and assisted technicians with assembly.
• Completed organizational tasks such as documenting floor layout and creating an inventory of materials.
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), Composites Process Engineering Intern, Aug -Dec 2013 
• Led redesign of a TPS composite-resin system. Manufactured test panels and assisted in a series of tests (infiltration /cure, Laser Flash Analyzer, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, and torch tests). 
• Served as a build engineer/expediter for several RND composite parts; wrote work orders, coordinated with the composite production team for execution, assisted with a caul plate layup, and provided general support. 
• Facilitated production improvements; created build logs, digitized data, and developed organizational systems.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Systems Analysis and Modeling Intern, June-Aug 2013
• Compiled a searchable database of system level parameters from previously flown planetary, Earth orbiting, US, and foreign missions to be used by JPL’s A Team in their low Concept Maturity Level studies. 
• Supported the development of a new Discovery class interplanetary science mission proposal.
Space Development: Theory and Practice Workshop –Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia, June-July 2012
•Worked with 80 international students to develop a mission to send a science probe to the comet Tempel 1; researched and proposed the sensor suite to be used on the probe in accordance with mission science objectives.
• Received first prize in the rocket modeling individual competition.

M.S. Astronautical Engineering– University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, Exp. 2018                         
B.S. Astronautical Engineering – University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, Dec 2014, GPA 3.2
• USC Viterbi School of Engineering Dean’s List, 2013, 2014
• USC Engineering Merit Award, USC University Scholarship, and USC Leadership Scholarship recipient

Academic Projects
Temperature feedback control system for microwave sintering of lunar regolith (Senior Design), Aug-Dec 2014
• Researched, designed, manufactured, and tested a thermocouple-based feedback system for measuring and controlling temperatures in a microwave throughout the sintering process of lunar regolith simulant. 
International Business Model, Principles and Practices of Global Innovation, Aug-Dec 2014
• Developed a global business model with international business and engineering students. Evaluated customer requirements, conducted in-country market research, and determined profit projections and funding allocation.
Space-Based Solar Power Mission Concept and Design, Jan-May 2014
• Created a proposal for a space-based solar power system. Defined metrics, executed trade studies (cost, risk, TRL), and defined parameters for key systems (launch, propulsion, structure, power, com, ground, etc.).
University of Southern California Rocket Propulsion Laboratory – Chair, Public Relations and Logistics, 2010-2013 
• Participated in multiple high-performance vehicle builds; performed wet and dry composite layups/ bagging/cure, mixed and cast propellant, prepped propellant grains, and performed basic machining.	2010-2013

Membership and Affiliation
USC Viterbi School of Engineering Student Publication: Engineering Ethics – Student Editor, Founder, 2013-2014
Prompted students to examine ethical issues in engineering and facilitated responses from professionals. 
University of Southern California Rocket Society – Chair, Public Relations, 2012-2013
Organized tours of industry facilities, community outreach, and team projects for USC rocketry enthusiasts. 

IT Skills: SolidWorks (licensed), Solid Edge, Matlab, LabView, Microsoft Office, Solumina, SAP, STK