Zach Pace


Graduate Research Assistant



===== Education =====
University of Wisconsin-Madison:
 - Ph.D., Astronomy & Astrophysics (exp. 2019)
 - M.S., Astronomy & Astrophysics (exp. 2016)
 - Advisors: Prof. Eric Wilcots (2014 - 2015); Prof. Christy Tremonti (2015 - Present)
 - GPA: 3.719/4.000

University at Buffalo, SUNY:
 - B.S., Physics (2014)
 - B.A., Mathematics (2014)
 - Advisor: Prof. Will Kinney (2012 - 2014)
 - GPA: 3.679/4.000

===== Experience =====
University of Wisconsin-Madison:
 - Graduate Research Assistant (Fall 2014 - Present)
     - "Probing cold gas using SDSS-MaNGA" (advisor: Tremonti) - validation of proposed scaling relationship between radio measurements of cold gas and integral-field spectroscopy measurements of ionized gas, application to 10,000 MaNGA galaxies
     - "Co-evolution in NGC2563 Group" (advisor: Wilcots, paper in prep.) - integral-field spectroscopy of 7 galaxies, data reduction, ad-hoc flux-calibration, stellar and gas population fitting using modern, rigorous methods, and population gradient fitting.

Space Telescope Science Institute:
 - Summer Student (Summer 2014)
     - "HST-ACS and VLT HAWK-I photometry of Abell2744_Y1" (advisor: G. Brammer) - computed new constraints on redshift of Abell 2744_Y1 and over 6,000 other Lyman-break galaxies, using updated ACS images and new K-band images

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities:
 - REU Student (Summer 2013)
     - "Galaxy Zoo 2: Statistics of Morphological Sub-Populations" (advisors: L. Forston & K. Willett, paper in prep.) - separated Galaxy Zoo 2 Main Sample by arm multiplicity, computed differences between populations

===== Awards =====
 - Bautz Travel Fellowship (2015), University of Wisconsin-Madison Dept. of Astronomy
 - Todd Hawley Award for Student Leadership (2015), Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, USA
 - Outstanding Senior (2014), University at Buffalo Dept. of Physics
 - Presidential Scholarship (2010 - 2014), University at Buffalo

===== Service & Teaching =====
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, USA (SEDS-USA):
 - Vice-Chair, Board of Directors (2014 - Present) - Manage SEDS-USA Board of Advisors, coordinate with partner organizations and sponsors to fund national projects (over $60,000 yearly)

University of Wisconsin-Madison:
 - Universe in the Park (2015 - Present) - Deliver public presentations to groups of 20 - 150 in Wisconsin State Parks, including interactive telescope sessions (solar, planetary, and deep-sky).
 - Science Lunch Coordinator (2015 - Present) - Organize weekly lunch talks by graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and department visitors, aimed towards undergraduate and graduate students.
 - Colloquium Committee (2015 - Present) - Recruit speakers for weekly department colloquia and coordinate with department visitors for supplementary talks
 - Teaching Assistant (Spring 2015, Supervisor: Prof. E. D'Onghia) - Led six weekly discussion sections, including lesson planning, quiz composition, and hands-on lab demonstrations, focusing on cementing mathematical and scientific concepts for undergraduate non-science majors.

===== Other Skills =====
Languages: English (Native), German (oral: basic; written: fair)
Software (in decreasing order of proficiency): Python, Mathematica, shell, SQL, LaTeX, HTML/CSS, git, R, Matlab, Maple, C/C++

Sloan Digital Sky Surveys:
 - MaNGA Blog Curator: Maintain regular, public-facing updates on the scientific progress of SDSS-IV's integral-field galaxy survey MaNGA (Mapping Nearby Galaxies at APO), write introductory posts to explain hardware and software backgrounds.