SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc./Terminal Velocity Aerospace

Job Title

Summer 2016 TVA Intern


Job Description

Application Deadline: NOVEMBER 1st

The SpaceWorks Electronics Engineer Intern will be assigned to Terminal Velocity Aerospace (TVA) to develop electronics systems for TVA's Reentry Devices (REDs), including RED-Data2 for data collection during spacecraft reentry, and RED-4U for return of small payloads from space. The successful candidate has classroom and hands-on experience with circuit design, PCB assembly and test, embedded software/firmware development, and/or simulations and algorithms for real-time systems.

This position is Part-time (at least 20 hours per week).

Position Qualifications:


• Knowledge and practical experience with micro-controllers and embedded software development
• PCB design and layout using KiCad, Eagle, Altium or similar software package
• High-level programming skills including C
• A working knowledge of low-level communication modes such as I2C, SPI, and Serial UARTs as well as common functions such as counters, timers, interrupts, ADC, DI/O, sleep states, etc.
• Must be a builder, familiar with basic laboratory equipment such as oscilloscope, multimeter, soldering iron
• Excellent written and verbal communication
• Must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3).

• Experience with aerospace software simulation and algorithms for real-time systems
• Experience with oscilloscope and hardware debugging of TTL-level logic
• Familiarity with Assembly code or similar low-level languages
• RF communications systems design and test experience
• Experience with spaceflight hardware test and qualification
• Knowledge of hardware/software interfaces and mechanical engineering design functions.
Class Level: Junior, Senior, Masters, Doctorate, Alumni

Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate

GPA: 3.0

Wage Level: Commensurate with student level and experience

To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to