Planet Labs

Job Title

Backend Infrastructure Developer


Job Description

Software touches every corner of our company, enabling us to continually improve every process by controlling the tools that run them. In addition to our internal tools that control the manufacturing, testing, operating and optimizing the satellites we also run a massive data processing pipeline that crunches terabytes of imagery (and will soon do that every single day). We run a cloud-first, API-driven architecture. Our goal is to enable everyone in the world to access our imagery, so huge web-scalability is a requirement. Our ‘full stack’ runs from the spacecraft to our web tools, and there are enough hard and interesting problems to keep many teams busy for a long time to come.

Our Backend Software engineers currently code primarily in C and Python. We run tens of thousands of jobs per day on an AWS infrastructure with PostgreSQL, Flask and ElasticSearch.  Our applications are built on a foundation of open source projects. We work to be active contributors of those projects and dedicated stewards of new open source image processing and infrastructure projects.